Virtual two day Incident Analysis  

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Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th August 2021


The PSA has been commissioned by HEE to provide a Patient Safety Programme for healthcare staff and organisations across England & Wales. This will align with the new National Patient Safety Syllabus. All courses are fully funded & will be virtual via Zoom and take up to 20 delegates per course.

This 2 day course is suitable for clinical or non-clinical staff involved in incident investigation or patient safety roles in hospitals or at regional level. The course aims to explore human factors models and how they can be used to support staff involved in incident investigations. The course provides examples of the methods and tools used for this and an opportunity to use them to investigate an incident. The course will also explore report writing, making recommendations and implementing change.

  •     Gain an appreciation of human factors principles

  •     Provide a model of human factors to use in the real world

  •     Provide examples of human factors methods

  •     Gain an appreciation of patient involvement

  •     Understand the difference between Safety I and Safety II

  •     Gain an appreciation of how culture and background influences perspective

  •     Learn how to make effective and recommendations

  •     Definition of human factors

  •     SIEPS Model

  •     Overview of human error in healthcare

  •     Examples & discussion of each SIEPs work element

  •     Examples of incident analysis using SIEPS model

  •     Group activity analysing an incident using human factors methods

  •     Patient involvement

  •     Introduction to Safety II

  •     Culture and perspective

  •     Introduction to making recommendations

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