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Matt Woodward
Human Factors Researcher


Matthew studies the interaction between people, technology and organisations to initiate and evaluate projects to improve effectiveness, efficiency and patient safety. Through a combination of delivering training and working alongside front line hospital staff he works alongside other members of the QRSTU on trialing interventions with tasks/processes, equipment and technology. One particular project Matthew is involved in is to develop a new referral system to facilitate the safe and expedient referral of patients to specialist centres within the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Matthew's experience is in the discipline of human factors/ergonomics and user interface design, a systems approach that places the human user at the centre of the development process and draws upon knowledge of human capabilities and limitations to inform design. He has many years experience working on research, design and engineering projects in the rail and naval/maritime domains.


Within human factors his particular interest is aspects of cognitive psychology that influence human behaviour at work such as decision making and memory. The way healthcare technology interfaces with human goals and behaviour (for example through levels of autonomy) is an area he seeks to research further.

Matthew is a chartered member of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) and is keen to contribute to the development of the discipline in healthcare.


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