External Review Pilot     

Our goal is to engage with senior management staff in the acute Trusts in the Thames Valley region to address an agenda around developing their patient safety infrastructure.  As part of this workstream we are working on the development of a pilot system that can provide mutual exchange of external reviewers for a selection of incidents. 

We are delighted to report strong support for our proposals for the external review pilot system from Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Frimley Health Foundation Trust and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust have also approached us to be a part of this work. 


A memorandum of understanding has been agreed with all the participating Trusts providing a string governance framework for the work if the reviewers.

All five acute trusts and Salisbury district hospital have put forward senior staff who have completed patient safety human factors incident investigation training. Three reviews of serious investigations have taken place and support has been given to a live investigation. Feedback from all organisations who have had an incident reviewed has been positive.

“Her impartiality in our discussion led to some interesting topics being raised and potentially an improvement in our communication throughout the investigation process. I feel we had an extremely productive initial panel review with some potential positive recommendations.”

The pilot project is now moving to a second phase where it is planned to train more staff to review incidents establishing a network of trained investigators across the region. Discussions are about to start with individual Trusts about releasing additional incidents for review which will help improve patient safety by increasing transparency.